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  for PVCu doors

  for aluminium doors

  for timber doors

Increased security due to automatic locking

Image: MULTISAFE 833 - automatic security
- automatic security for a safe feeling

Close the door and two latching deadbolts simultaneously swing into action and lock in place - a force to be reckoned with. This mechanism also helps to prevent any warping of the door.
  • increased security due to automatic locking
  • maximum convenience due to automatic locking
  • solid latching deadbolts with 20 mm throw and over centre block
  • permanent prevention against door warping, as the door is locked all time
  • more flexibility and areas of application because of the modular developed MULTISAFE 833
  • optional items for retrofitting, such as restrictor lock, additional bolt lock and soft latch, help to reduce the cost of stocking
    high-quality material guaranty longevity
  • right- and left handed useable, by just changing the latches
Pikto Automatik
Autmatic locking device with two solid latching deadbolts, magnetic triggered by closing the door.
Locking the main bolt with the cylinder key gurantee that all locking mechanisms are activated. In the same time he operation of the interior lever is blocked.
Image: Close the door and two solid latching deadbolts throw out - a force to be reckoned with.      Image: 20 mm throw and over centre block increase security