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Faceplate door locking for Aluminium doors - the modular multi talent

MULTISAFE 844 - flexible in design and economical in manufactoring
By the modular assembling of the strike plates a faceplate door lock can be create by installation of a shoot bolt.
Image: MULTISAFE 844 - Faceplate door locking for Aluminium doors
Free selection for the locking versions like steel hook bolts, steel round bolts or the combination steel hook bolt with dual round bolts.
The adjustable latch part are designed to make routing of the front profile edge obsolete.
This does not only translate into cost savings, it also offers increased tightness of the door and improved aesthetics.
More flexibility and applications with MULTISAFE Systems for aluminium doors.
The modular assembley simplify the calculations, because stock and manufacturing capacity are not charged.
Optional items for retrofitting
  • restrictor lock
    for additional security to prevent unauthorized access
  • additional bolt lock
    intependent from main lock as an additional security measure
  • electrical door opener
    electrical door opener with radius latch and unique latch slide for inward and outward opening doors
Image: Locking mechanism at customer's option     Image: Aluminium-Faceplate doors via key- or lever operated