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  for PVCu doors
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French Door Locking Systems
for PVCu doors with opposite Euro groove

MULTISAFE 845 - french door locking system for PVCu doors
this convenient french door locking system offers a simple and efficient installation.
Neither in the passive door nor in the false mullion are any millings necessary.
The suitable strike plates for top and bottom are multiple adjustable to achieve an optimal pressure.
The standard design with chamfer provides a smooth-running throw of the shoot bolts.
  • low cost and efficient installation, no milling necessary
  • no need of demounting the false mullion
  • leads to a harmonic design because of a one-piece strike plate
  • solid locking to top and bottom with 20 mm throw
  • easy handling via just one lever
  • all locking-points are adjustable
  • in combination with key- and lever operated standard lockings as well as with lever-operated automatic locks
  • for locks with two swing bolts with or without roller cams
Easy operating via just one lever     french door lock, key- or lever operated