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  for PVCu doors
   uPVC profile

  for Aluminium doors
   Aluminium profile

  for Timber doors
   Timber doors

Multipoint locked - permanent safe

MULTISAFE 855GL - the ideal solution for every customer and application
Increased locking comfort for PVCu, timber and aluminium doors in attractive design.
Sercurity and comfort components optional.
Image: MULTISAFE 855GL - Type 11 - Steel hook bolt with dual round bolts
Free selection for locking versions like steel hook bolts, steel round bolts or the combination steel hook bolt with dual round bolts.
Prepared locks for a later fitting of an restrictor lock or an additional bolt lock.
The combination with standard or one-piece strike plates offers you a freedom of design.
Optional retrofitting
  • Restrictor lock
    for additional security to prevent unauthorized access
  • Additional bolt
    independent from main lock as an additional security measure
  • Roller latch
    adjustable up to 4,5 mm
  • Soft latch
    for increased locking comfort, durable and quiet
  • Reduced latch
    for profile specific application; offers very easy closing of the door
Picto key operated
The door is locked and unlocked with two key turns. The latch gets retracted with the key by the transmission or inside by the lever.
Image: The restrictor lock can retrofit any time.     Image: The standard latch can be retrofit with a crank, roller or reduced latch.