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  for Timber doors
   Timber doors

Multipoint locking for entrance doors of apartments
- suitable for timber and steel door trims

Security and comfort components.
Increased security for entrance doors of apartments via multipoint locking with extra strong bolt in the main lock. Suitable for burglary protection according to DIN V ENV 1627ff.
  • 55 and 65 mm backset
  • 72 mm PC centre
  • 8 mm follower
  • rounded faceplate 20 x 1.700 mm
  • silver grinded
  • prepared for restrictor lock
Image: MULTISAFE 855WE Type 8 steel round bolts
Icon key operated
The door gets locked and unlocked with two key turns. The latch is retracted with the key via the transmission or inside by the lever.
Image: Special strong bolt in the main lock.Image: Strike plates with holding plate, individual for the frame.